Compare cleaning machines & chemistry

Based on your requirements, we reduce the selection of systems available on the market and independently recommend a suitable system, which you can test at ZESTRON. If necessary, you can even compare our cleaning agents with your current chemicals - regardless of the manufacturer!

Independent testing. Well-founded comparison. Informed decision.

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Are you looking for a cleaning system or a new cleaning agent? You need to optimize an existing process or have general questions?

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Compare cleaning machines and chemistry

Manufacturer-independent comparison and testing of different cleaning machines

At our technical centre in Ingolstadt, Germany, you will find Europe’s largest selection of cleaning machines from different manufacturers, sizes and price classes.
All cleaning procedures are available: Spraying in inline or batch systems, immersion with pressure flooding and ultrasonic cleaning.
Together with our process engineers, you define your individual requirements for the cleaning process. On this basis, together with one of our experienced process engineers, you select the most suitable system types. You start the cleaning trials with your parts under real-life conditions.
You will be advised independently of the manufacturer and exclusively according to your requirements since ZESTRON is not economically tied to or has any obligations towards system manufacturers.


NEW: Cleaning agents in direct comparison – ZESTRON against your chemicals

Our entire range of cleaners, whether they are water-based or solvent, is available for your cleaning tests on all appropriate systems.
Moreover, we now also offer the opportunity to test an alternative chemical against our products, regardless of the manufacturer. You provide us with a cleaning agent of your choice and we test the alternative chemicals in your presence in the appropriate system type. After all, since we feel confident that our cleaning agents are unbeatable when it comes to cleaning performance and cost efficiency we are happy to face any competition!


Immediate analysis of the surface cleanliness of your parts

Using internationally recognised and standardised methods, such as ROSE and ink tests, the achieved surface cleanliness of your parts is evaluated together with you in a first step immediately after completion of the cleaning tests.
Further detailed analysis or methods such as SEM/EDX, infra-red spectroscopy, ion chromatography and particle analysis (technical cleanliness) are available in-house.

Thus, you have an expert partner at your side in the field of machine technology and chemistry as well as lab analysis and interpretation.


Written test report for total result transparency

All cleaning tests including detailed process parameters. The corresponding results will be summarised for you in a written technical report. The report also contains an individual process recommendation, consisting of a system-cleaner combination tailored to your requirement profile.
Reliable decisions can now be made as to which cleaning process to select requiring just a minimal amount of time yet ensuring maximum result transparency.


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